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Okay, so now you just turned 16 and have great anticipation as your mom and dad has sorted out everything for this once in a lifetime sweet 16 party for you. Everything has to be perfect in your eyes and your dad is going into overdrive mode to make sure that everything is well organized for his little princess. But one of your friends who agreed to do your makeup does not showup and leaves you high and dry. Your dad is literally freaking out at this last minute change but your best friend Nicole saves the day by saying, "Hey, if you don't know there is this online store called Content Maker, where you can go online, click on services and then click on makeup artist and then you can select a date and time for them to come over and do your makeup. Once you purchase their service they will come over to the address set on your billing address and do your makeup! You can also filter out the top makeup artist by selecting best selling, reading the reviews and looking at how many stars they got. I also have friends and family members that use some of these makeup artist to do their makeup for graduation, prom, family dinner celebrations, concerts, clubbing, caribana, and also for their first date!" Your dad then breathes a sigh of relief, as he books you a makeup artist from Content Maker for 3:00pm, giving you a decent amount of time to get ready before your sweet 16 starts at 5:00pm. 

You then look over to your dad, mom and Nicole and smile while getting your makup done as they all helped to make your day and evening all the merrier.

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