Shopify App Install- Test Product

Shopify App Install- Test Product

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$ 2.00 CAD

This is the test product:

1 Add this test product to your cart using a mobile phone.

2. Try to remove this test product from your cart by clicking the "edit" button.

3. The edit button will not work, which is due to additional code added into the theme (theme.js) which is causing the edit button to not work. Please update the additional code added so that timlify can work without messing with the edit button please :). Thanks.

Here is what the theme specialist at shopify explained for further information just in case I was not as clear in explaining:

     "I've taken a closer look at this for you and noticed that some additional code had been added to your theme code (theme.js) from the Timlify app which appeared to be causing some issues and preventing other important theme code from running.

I was able to confirm this by creating a duplicate version of your theme and reverting code changes to the theme one by one and only after reverting the Timlify code was the Edit button able to work again,

Because this issue stems from a third party app, unfortunately it's not something within our scope of support and so I would recommend reaching out to the Timlify app developers directly for assistance with fixing this issue."


Really appreciate it if you can resolve this problem,